Installation of
concrete and stone curbs

PRO DESIGN Concrete and stone curbs

Curbs and retaining walls are the best ways to separate, improve or enhance an area of your property. For several years, we have been installing concrete or stone walls in the Laurentians.

Because the style of a wall can completely change the look and feel of an outdoor space, it is essential that the work is done by landscape experts. Whether you want a natural or modern wall style, we have what you need.

Choose for the stone wall if you want a more natural and zen look. The stone finishing accentuates the immersion of your backyard with nature.

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In case you are looking for a modern and contemporary style, we have the ideal option for you. Our concrete walls are a must to give an elegant look to your property.

Contact us as soon as possible to discuss your landscaping project. We serve the Laurentiens cities and have a great deal of expertise in the installation of curbs.

Concrete and stone curbs The Natural Choice

A natural stone wall can support your terrain’s differences in height, offering an authentic look and an ecological approach.

Concrete and stone curbs Certified Expertise

Pro Design is certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) and regularly invests in continuous training and the evolution of working techniques.