PRO DESIGN Pavé uni installation

A thoughtfully-designed pavé uni project can easily boost a property’s value, with refined natural stone having proved to be a sustainable investment. The installation of interlocking paving stones and oversized slabs is a key part of our expertise, and we offer a variety of styles and combinations to create a unique space. We pay close attention to layout, materials, design, quality, and execution, always keeping in mind any potential limitations in order to make the most of your terrace, pool area, or entrance.

The installation or repair of paving projects requires specialized equipment and a qualified team that combines both quality and speed.

Good thing we’re expert landscape designers.

Pavé uni installation Durable Construction

By respecting the highest BNQ and APPQ standards, we ensure a professional, unique, and lasting achievement.

Pavé uni installation Certified Expertise

Pro Design is certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) and regularly invests in continuous training and the evolution of working techniques.