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2021 HortiCompetences Award Winner

The advantages of Working at Pro-Design

01 Dare to evolve

Our continued growth provides great advancement opportunities for team members. It is also important for us that our employees are fulfilled professionally, which is why the company makes sure to offer the best training in order to contribute to the realization of projects.

02 Tools that match your talent

We believe that to facilitate work, we must have the best tools on the market. At Pro Design, we invest heavily in this aspect and consistently provide our employees with a safe experience.

03 We do it better

All team members are proud to wear the colors of Pro Design. We believe that the essence of our company is felt through our employees.

04 We think about your well-being

We believe that the well-being of our employees is synonymous with productivity. That’s why our employees don’t work weekends and are on vacation during construction holidays. We also attach great importance to work/family balance.